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Welcome to the new Robilim.com! Basically this site will be a tool for me to provide some tutorials and some of my work in progress along the way.

I'm a Perth based programmer working currently in Php at my work placement. My development revolves around Php as I've learnt how to efficiently use this language for my needs. Php is also very well documented and supports many open source plugins. This website was built using my own object orientated framework as I wanted to learn the raw Php for myself. Drupal and Wordpress are other content management frameworks that easily hook up to a Php site without too much configuration.

I've also had previous experience using other programming languages namely ASP and Ruby on Rails and even dabbled with some C# ASP.NET.

If you wish to be a member of the site please fill out the registry form. The link can be found over on the right hand member options. Members will be able to add, edit and delete comments in the blog and also make comments on articles.

You can contact me via the contact form.